HAEL is a bioventure company with a goal of human's better health and mind.

We are developing health related products eventually aiming a better life without diseases such as cancers.

HAEL Ltd. is a biotech venture company which has a government accredited laboratory called HAEL Lab. Our company is currently investigating several different topics in “DNA repair and cancer” and produces several bio-medical items related with these topics. 

“DNA repair and cancer” study is concentrated on a multifunctional ribosomal protein S3 (rpS3), a component of 40S ribosomal small subunit. This protein has a DNA repair endonuclease activity for the repair of all kinds of damaged DNA directly involved in cancer, metastasis and cell death. 

Our research takes the focus on the relationship between modifications and repair activity regulations of rpS3 in cancer cells. Recently we have discovered that rpS3 protein is secreted from cancer cell lines or cancer patients. Therefore, this protein can be used as a very useful cancer marker. Using this fact, we have developed several antibodies against this protein and we are currently developing a diagnosis kit for cancer development from humans.

Furthermore, we will be investigating the early diagnosis method for the development of cancer metastasis and eventually to develop anti-cancer drugs.

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